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Dick Says Book Direct!

14/09/2018 10:01:38

Dick Smith may not know how to make a decent peanut butter but he is definitely on to something in his latest video!

He is calling out the big booking sites for charging ridiculously high commissions to our locally owned and run accommodation providers and we applaud him for it.  It’s something we have been trying to educate our guests for years.

Put simply, if you book directly through the accommodation provider, you will pay less!  Full stop.  No question about it. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

These booking sites – let’s call them BS – claim that guests will receive the best deal available when you book through them.  The reason they can say this is because they put it in their terms and conditions when someone lists their property.  What this does is drive the price of accommodation up so that the guest pays more, often doesn’t feel like they have received value for money and more than likely, never return to that same place.

For example
3 bedroom house is worth $300 per night.
When listed on large BS, provider is charged 20% commission.
Accommodation provider increases the rate by 20% to cover the commission.
Guest pays $120 more for a weekend and feels ripped off, owner gets the same return plus a bad review, BS makes $120 with no repercussion!

So book direct people! Preferably through us!! 😉 

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