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10/11/2018 07:48:53

Fancy a trip to some local wineries on your next trip to Lorne? Here is a little insight to how Otway Winery Tours came to be!

The concept of Otway Winery Tours came about one day when I was chatting to a friend about our local Wineries, and as we are both a bit partial to a nice wine, it was mentioned that we should take a day out of our busy schedule, and go for a day tour around our local Wineries.

So, if that happened, the dilemma was that we would need a driver. But who would that be? We then started joking around in our conversation: “How great it would be to have a Wine Bus to chauffeur us around”. More laughs later, my friend said: “You should totally do that”. Of course, I laughed and said, “Yeah right, sure”! Not thinking anymore of it. The more the conversation went on, with my friend’s positiveness and excitement; I actually started thinking seriously about how the idea could work.

That conversation took place about three years ago.

I pondered on the idea during that time, and pitched my plan to our local wineries, who were keen on the idea also. So… This could really work!

It was this time last year, I got a call from my father saying that he spotted a bus for sale that would be perfect for what I wanted. About two weeks later, I bought the bus and I am thinking, “Well, I guess I better really get serious about this idea”. After being an Early Childhood Educator for 12 years now, I thought it was time for a new direction anyway, so I ran with it!

Then, of course, the business side of things started rolling. The legalities of bus regulations etcetera… I saw that unfortunately that perfect bus was not perfect after all… So then I was in the market for a more suitable bus. Just a little set back, and of course, wondering if this business is still a good idea!

A couple of months later, I finally found a more suitable bus and then the fun stuff began, designing logos, brochures and the website, all thanks to the help from my very encouraging friend!

Otway Winery Tours is now open for bookings, finally, with two tours to choose from, depending on your liking. Whether it be wine, beer or chocolate, who wouldn’t like any of them?

Sit back and enjoy being chauffeur driven around our beautiful countryside.

Your Host, Carlie Smith
Otway Winery Tours
Website:  https://otwaywinerytours.com.au/
Call: 0438 743 120
Email: info@otwaywinerytours.com.au

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